Unfolding with the endless possibilities and hurdles in our daily lives, it’s almost hypothetical to say that stress can never creep in on our wellbeing. With endless days of working hard, meeting deadlines, running a family or even serving people, a sense of feeling stressed out can be totally normalized about. But planning out stress management strategies, coping with stress, tension and anxiety can be an ordeal for any human being! So is it something that is unfathomable? Absolutely not!

“Nurturing our body is the best way to expect the maximum out of it!”

With the recent Covid-19 virus outbreak and staying at home norms, it’s been getting difficult to manage everything from our home, it even leads to a stressful environment, self-doubts and lower self-confidence. Coping with stress is something which is always done better than is said! So let us focus on the bright side and discover our doors to the new stress free life!

1. Meditation to Reduce Stress

It is no new advice that has been given to us the moment we mention stress or feeling of discomfort! Meditation is proven to ease our state of mind and body while relaxing our brain nerves and supplying plenty of oxygen to the brain as well.

With a little practice and consistency, it is the healthiest activity to include in our lifestyles, which has great effects on our mind and body. Meditation gives us a sense of calm, peace and resilience from our problems and helps us gain broader perspectives.

  • It helps us find different approaches to problems.
  • Maintains our emotional stability.
  • Helps to eliminate negative emotions.
  • Brings out creativity and cheerfulness in life.

One can take up any approaches such as a Guided Mediation (Follow a sensory feeling or a teacher), Mantra Meditation (chanting mantra to avoid distraction), Tai Chee (slow movement of the body with constant breathing) or even Yoga (Asana which includes calming postures and deep breathing techniques). All of these approaches bring about a focused and relaxed mind, with constant deep breathing for a stress coping mechanism.

2. Exercising

Although exercise includes a rigorous regime and physical movements, they are a great way to ward away stress. Exercise helps us to focus on our body movements and thereby helps us to get a focused mind. Learning various exercise forms helps us gain a sense of different problem solving strategies. Exercising also helps to release endorphins in our body, which makes us feel calm, peaceful and recharged once we are done with it.

3. Having a comfortable and heavy blanket!

It may sound skeptic, but having a good blanket can do wonders as well! Sleeping under a heavy blanket enables the ‘grounding technique’ which has a very positive effect on our stress. It enables a deeper sleep and a soothing effect which in turn helps to reduce stress and it’s after effects as well.

4. Cuddles!

Having an emotionally understandable partner or a pet around you is always known to have a beautiful effect on the minds of people. Having a good sleep with a person or pet around you can make you feel more protected, valued and less vulnerable to negative emotions which are the ultimate stress busters! A good sleep with a partner also enhances relationships, emotional stability and more empathy towards people.

5. Listening Good Music

Listening to music has helped people to momentarily and permanently ward of stressful situations in life. A calm and soothing melody can relax your brain like no other and helps us focus on brighter things of our life. A good music can have wonderful effects like a lower heart rate, low blood pressure and lower release of stress hormones. The most wonderful thing about music is that it catches our attention and proves as an absolute distraction to our troubles.

6. Aromatherapy and Art!

These are the basic stress management activities anyone can prescribe to us in our daily lives! Aromatherapy is a proven stress relief technique which helps us calm our olfactory senses and hence indulges us in a good and cheerful mood. Doodling, mandalas and landscape drawings are a great way to distract from a daily routine and express our feelings in a more beautiful and detailed way. Particular scents in aromatherapy are known to affect brain waves which reduces stress hormones, while colors sooth our visionary senses.

7. Wine

Drinking is never considered as a more effective or right way to deal with stress, but if used in the correct way, it can help. Alcohol is a sedative and is rightly known to slow down our central nervous system, which usually helps us sooth triggered senses and feel good about ourselves. A goblet of White or Red wine or cold beer can be an effective method to ward away stress as well.

On the other hand, alcohol abuse and over usage definitely harm our body and should be eliminated at all costs, which usually leads to a more disrupted and stressful life above all.

Obviously, we don’t recommend it…

Final Thoughts

Coping with stress is always a slow process, but not losing hope and finding positive counterfeits of it can help us do wonders to our body. One of the most times, going through the cause of stress and resolving it can be the sole treatment of the stress in the first place. Acknowledge your body, be gentle to it.

Avani Patel

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