Due to the novel coronavirus, many companies have been sending their employees back and asking them to resume their work from home. In this global pandemic that we face, almost all public gatherings have been banned, colleges and schools have been shut down with their classes taken online. Similarly, all companies are shifting their operations from traditional offices to a home office.

Considering the current situation, chances are the new life of working from home will be extended for quite an extended period, so there’s little to no choice that we have to adjust to this new normal. But if we glance back in time, we will find that work from home isn’t a new trend and has existed around for decades, but it was always reserved for particular jobs.

Those jobs allowed all kinds of time-management and flexibility to accompany. That’s why it was possible to complete all tasks from the comfort of your home. But the question now is, can every one of us shift to this working environment?

It is safe to say that at the present moment, we are set up to have our living space serve as a temporary office. It increases employee motivation in most cases as they work from their comfort zone.

But putting comfort aside, it could also be difficult and distracting sometimes to work from home. So, we have come up with more strategies to increase yourwork from home motivation.

Define your Work Space

Office space includes all the surrounding space that covers your equipment from the wall paint to the lighting conditions, to that window through which the view is great. It is all part of your office space.

While choosing the space, make sure it will cater to all your needs. Consider how you’re going to utilize it. Will you make phone calls? Do you have to get children or pets far from your workspace? Do you need a spot for storage?

Natural Light

Getting plenty of sunlight is necessary for keeping your office space fresh and also keeping you rejuvenated. A recent study shows that people who get more sunlight have better sleep at night. Also, regular light just feels good! Along these lines, try to situate your work area and seat in a sufficiently bright room.

Make a Schedule

Planning your day is necessary to make the most of your day. A well-planned day brings out the peak efficiency while ensuring that your motivation never gets down and everything doesn’t feel monotonous.

What’s more, living your day by a schedule also helps you meet each deadline and doesn’t let the work pile up on your desk.

It’ll additionally give you a sense of achievement and improve self-confidence.

Standing Desk

Many studies show that if you are sitting for a longer duration, it might harm your health. This shows why many are moving towards the new trend of working on a standing desk.

A standing desk is exactly what the name suggests: a tall desk, so instead of sitting on a chair, you have to work while standing. Most of these desks are adjustable in height, meaning you can lower them if you want, and some of the expensive ones are also transformable.

Although one should not expect their health to drastically increase just because they are now working on a standing desk.

Standing desk is a wonderful idea, but it’s not for everyone. For those who have long working hours, it is not possible to stand for long hours, so feel free to use a chair.

Buy a Comfortable Chair

The centerpiece of your home office, which is bound to get the most attention, is your chair. Putting resources into a decent one will have a tremendous effect on your work motivation. Nonetheless, selecting the right one presents a new set of challenges you might have never thought about before.

Factors to consider when selecting a chair- the support it provides to your back, arm, and thighs. On top of these factors, look in the build material and if the manufacturing company is giving any warranty.

Ergonomic Rules Must Be Followed

Ergonomic rules help in minimizing the damage done to the body due to long hours of idle sitting. These rules state that your workstation should be set up so that your spine and neck are straight at any given time, whereas your arms remain parallel to the floor.

Ergotron workspace planner is a tool you can use to set up your space; this tool provides you with exact information about where the monitor should be placed, what height the chair and desk should be regarding your size etc.

Invest in a Second Monitor

Do you want to reach the superpower of productivity? If yes, you should invest in a second monitor. You have no idea how easy multitasking becomes, and so many other tasks become manageable, such as- researching, coding, writing, etc.

We all know how irritating juggling between windows becomes after you have done it ten times, so to have a peaceful mind while working, buying a second monitor is essential. For the best outcomes, purchase a similar model as your present arrangement, so you have an equal screen constancy and experience.

Some Greenery on your Worktable

You can place a few small decorative plants that help improve your focus and reduce stress and make your desk more dynamic in color contrast. A few studies show that as few as one plant also works as a stress relief meditation and helps you by increasing your productivity. You should opt for easy to maintain plants to add less effort to your already heavy work schedule.

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