Dealing with panic attacks is a difficult experience as we all have come to know about. It comes without any notice, any prior knowledge and sometimes even unidentifiable. While it settles down most of the time on its own, the feeling which lasts in the minds of a person causes a longer and painful effect. 

Let us take a look at some of the steps we can do on our own part to avert such panicking situations in life!

Identifying causes of Panic Attacks

When dealing with any kind of mental disturbance or uneasiness, we always have to identify our way through it. While panic attacks are highly unpredictable and non-distinguishable, we have to look out for ourselves when we identify them. Making yourself aware of its symptoms is a great start to dissolve it!

Some of the symptoms include uneasiness, increased heart rate, and a blank mind. As horrifying as it sounds, your body always manages to pull you out of it. Till then, you have to remain calm and have a positive response. This tremendously helps your body to escape the dark phase.

Panic attack causes lightheadedness, concentration issues, tingling sensations, and chest pains.

Panic Attacks Treatment Only!

While we had every reason to be alarmed when we face a panic attack, it can be a tricky venture! Multiple numbers of people have seen to confuse panic attacks with heart attacks or respiratory disorders. While panic attacks are pretty much curable on our own, it is always highly recommended that we look out for other symptoms as well and consult a doctor if we find it more painful, intense, or unbearable.

Environment itself can be a great healer

Panic attacks can be treated with several effective solutions at home, but some fatal diseases cannot. It is important to show concern when there is a good reason to be. Ignoring a red flag to your health is only triggering it more! 

Remedies For Panic Attacks

Remedies for Panic Attacks

As we really ground into the topics of remedy, let me comfort you with the fact that panic attacks are self-remedial and can subside more easily. But even help from a 3rd person can do you a lot good while going through a difficult time. The important thing is that it lies within you! And it is an absolute decision of yours. 

  1. If you find yourself suffocating during panic attacks, it is always better to seclude yourself but not to shut out contact entirely. If a situation worsens, you should be able to find help for proper medical attention.
  2. Try moving yourself and making sense of the surrounding around you. Environment itself can be a great healer when dealing with a panic attack. When you feel completely lost and stop perceiving senses, responding to your environment through any sense organ can help you get back to normal. Slow walks, listening carefully around you, and watching the greenery helps a lot.
  3. Let some old remedial methods be bygones. Paper bag breathing being the most common one. It only rises a heightened sense of concern when you don’t have one, which in turn increases your panic. Also, the situations worsen when you confuse panic attacks with asthma attacks.
  4. Always try to maintain a positive response to the people around you. Yelling out or showing a greater concern for your current state invokes your panic even more which leads to a long-lasting state of attack. Giving short insights to people around you just serves the purpose, also it doesn’t lets people around you panic regarding your situation.
  5. Exercise is one of the most important solutions for your panic attack situations. While some people feel hyperventilated due to exercises, in most cases, it is the most effective therapy. Exercise triggers the release of endorphins in our body which keeps us calm in any of the fight or flight situations.

Finding Panic Attacks, it’s Boomerang

While I say this exceptionally funny phrase saying boomerang, I am trying to inculcate a habit called desensitization into the mind of people. Desensitization is a technique where you can decrease the reactions of your triggered parts which participate the most in your panic attacks.

e.g., when next time you find yourself in a situation of a panic attack, try identifying which symptoms are bothering you the most. If a person is facing claustrophobia, dizziness, and short breaths as their major problems, they should try out the following:

It is easily curable with proper medication and absolutely in no way disrupts your mental imagery. Consider it a phase rather than an illness

Trying hyperventilation voluntarily while you are in a normal state. In that way, you decrease its fear in a subconscious mind which also sends out a less strong response while you are actually facing an attack.

Try merry-go-round, rotating chairs, and swings regularly to reduce the fear of feeling dizzy.

Roam around freely in your neighborhood or try sitting in a small room or car. And gradually you will be decreasing your fear of being suffocated altogether, whether on a normal day or during any attacks.

Prevention over Cure

Panic attacks are self-reactionary and occurs because of our thought process and disturbances in mind. Identifying the red flags and staying away from them is the best shot for you to cure this problem. 

When dealing with any kind of mental disturbance or uneasiness, we always have to identify our way through it.

While home remedies for panic attacks are effective most of the times, seeking out a professional help can be the most ideal way to deal with the situation if it persists even after a long time. It is easily curable with proper medication and absolutely in no way disrupts your mental imagery. Consider it a phase rather than an illness. Maintaining a positive attitude towards the problem often comes out the best way to dissolve it.

Always keep your concern for mental health the same as your physical ones. A body achieves harmony in that single most way.

Stay healthy. Stay happy.

Parth Patel

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