Dealing with anxiety can seem like a farfetched approach. Our lifestyle, eating habits, sleep times, and screen times are such a matter of concern for keeping our physical health sane. And in the process of achieving them, we always stockpiled all of the negative outcomes possible into a small corner in our brains which gets heavier without notice!

Spiraling the same negations over and over causes our mind to enter a state of panic! What seems like an easy statement is probably the reason for millions of people feeling anxious, uncomfortable, and concerned!

It Happens!

And when I say this imperative statement, let me comfort you with the fact that it happens! It happens to me, it happens to you, your neighbors, or even your pets! But a solution lies with the fact that how well you acknowledge the problem in the first place.

If you are feeling anxious, it is an outcome of overthinking, feeling pessimistic or because of some major lifestyle approach you had!

If I ever feel a bad stomach ache, per se, I would look for reasons and then treat it according to it. Why would anyone treat mental health any different! The first way to get over the phase as of why you are feeling anxious is to discover the fact that why you are “getting” anxious in the first place, what’s the reason for anxiety! 

Its Problems, isn’t it?!

Once you make that mental note of what is bothering you, kudos to you my friend, you are halfway through your problem. Problems are just the closest kin you have in your life. They can be financial, emotional, and rather sexual, but recognizing them and talking about it can get you a long way.

I am not suggesting rushing to a psychiatrist or a counselor right way (though, in my personal opinion, that is the best you can give to your mind!) but just letting out your emotions in general. Try talking to yourself, rather introspect.

 Ask yourselves the questions- 

  • “Why do I have anxiety?”
  • “Why am I feeling this?”
  • “What is the source of this problem?”
  • “Why haven’t I addressed it before?”

Try engaging your mind into a constructive posture ensuring that you are going to get through it. No one else can pacify yourself better than you! It can be a long shot, but it can do wonders!

How to control anxiety

The Mind Relay

Getting that mind running can become tricky, and it is absolutely an art to master it! You can never really understand how the brain connects situations, outcomes, and endings, but you sure can justify them! Always trying to justify things as an outcome of something.

  • If you are feeling hungry, it is an outcome of your missed lunch or breakfast.
  • If you are getting a fear, it is probably because you haven’t finished that deadline work or a spooky movie, maybe!
  • If you are feeling anxious, it is an outcome of overthinking, feeling pessimistic or because of some major lifestyle approach you had! 

Laughter is the best medicine

Red Flag Content

We always ignore the factor of what we consume on our gadgets screen! It is almost unbelievable when I reveal that anxiety and panic attacks are also a result of violent or abusive or tensed content you watch for action and fun! 

I cannot deny the pleasure of it, but the way a subconscious mind identifies violence and abuse is quite different from our perception. All these terms are negative in the state of our sub-consciousness as we have had taught from early childhood days!

So, if you already suffer from any mental health issues, I can strongly recommend restricted violet content on social media, specifically before sleep hours! They tend to run on our mind exactly like the background apps run on your phone, burning out its battery life! Similarly, you can ultimately face some disturbing dreams or uneasy feeling after waking up, which is a red flag!

Going Weird!!

Apart from all this general knowledge, shall we do something fun?! YES. So let us try out something next time our concerns takes a toll on us! Let us talk about simple and yet fun ways to deal with anxiety!

1. Sit back, and take deep relaxing breaths. 

2. The fun part?! Every time you take a deep breath, try making a funny face or a weird noise! Keep it recording! 

And when you start feeling that it is enough madness…Ta da…You are actually out of that gloomy phase, aren’t you?! When you see the video after that, you are even going to fade it in your mind as to when and why you started feeling anxious! It’s weird isn’t it? But it is an effective technique which can suddenly take your mind and wire it to feeling of funny, and as we all know, Laughter is the best medicine!

Let’s Do Some Damage Control!

While we have been trying out everything for a while now, let us think of some other techniques  on how to overcome anxiety:

  • Trying doing some mandala arts or doodling. They prove an excellent therapy to channel out your inner emotions and give them a beautiful form instead! And yes, you never need to be an artist to be a doodler. Mark my words!
  • One of the most basic and well-known, yet neglected is – doing Yoga. It’s been prevalent since the ancient ages as an effective therapy to both your physical and mental stability. Trying out different asanas and poses can be fun and healing simultaneously! 
  • While at home, if you wish to ease your anxiety attacks and panic moments, make sure that you are in a well stable environment. Watching greenery around you can prove to be a strong anti-depressant and lead to better eyesight and visions! 
  • If you are a music lover, trying out nature sounds can be bliss if you are surrounded by a bustling city or hasty environment! Lo-fi music also have positive effects on many people.

Baby Steps …

Are we going to make this change altogether? NO. It’s impossible to set up a routine once and start following it right away. But even your baby steps count! Make your conscience ask you questions whenever you deny an emotion.

Let your brain think about avoiding red signals, let your body strive for fresh air and greens! But gradually, everything is going to count and, most importantly, your anxieties are going to be anxious when they think of coming to you – because you will be already breaming with positivity and radiance then!


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