Happiness has gained a lot of definitions since the start of time. From finding your next dream job to luckily getting the last piece of your favorite chocolate in a store, happiness is the kith and kin of our life. Aren’t we abundant with reasons to be happy?

While some people will be agreeing to my question, we can find a large proportion of people struggling to approve it as well. With a bustling workplace, hectic life, and unbalanced family equations, happiness has slowly begun to dissolve into the mist of grief. Momentary happiness is available to all, but the true content always lies in life, where a person has unlocked a space where happiness is a state of life rather than a momentary pleasure!

Thoughts on Happiness?

In my opinion, happiness is a state of content- an emotion that leaves us feeling grateful for the life we have, and gives us the ability to cherish what the future holds for us. Some associate happiness with success, money, ice creams, world tours, cooking, sex, or even God! Every definition holds true if any of them had made you feel happy at any point of time.

But if I were to answer a question on how to be happy, I would suggest not associating your happiness with materials or people. Because materials tend to perish, and humans tend to change, and with any of this process going on- it is very easy to get hurt or disappointed.

Researchers have invested a lot of time in finding about what makes us happy and what triggers grief. We had always known happiness being the ultimate key to a physical and mental wellbeing. Everybody has the ability to roll out little improvements in their conduct, our environmental factors, and our connections that can help set us on course for a more joyful life.

Happiness is always considered to be an outcome of things, but focusing on happiness as a motivation to do things can always yield a more content and joyful life.

How to Know That You are Happy!

Identifying your happiness is always the best way to embrace it. While happiness can be momentary or long-lasting, it can have a beautiful impact on your heart and mind. So let us identify the types of happiness, shall we?!


It is the kind of happiness that is derived from various pleasures of life. Whether it be a favorite dollop of ice cream you had been yearning for a week or the happiness you gain from reading the favorite book of yours and has everything to do with your experience of enjoyment or satisfaction.


The less known and yet most important factor of a long-lasting happy spree. It refers to the happiness which we gain from finding the true meanings and virtues of life. It has more to do with carrying out our life goals, responsibilities, and long term commitments. It occurs when you involve in beneficiary of your soul and the welfare of other people. Although difficult to attain, it is a vital part of your life!

Ways to Be Happy

Ways to Be Happy

Let us get to know some points which can be the answers to our question—how to be happier?

Sleep your problems away!

A sound sleep is the door to a calm and successful day. With at least 7-8 hours sleep in a day, you will find yourself more engaged in work, happier with positive outcomes and ready for challenges as well.

Laughter is always the medicine, isn’t it?

What better way to be happy than to express it! Laughing adequately in a day can keep stress, tension, and negative thoughts distant from you. Smiling also reduces sensitivity towards negative emotions and largely helps us surpass painful experiences and moments.

Laughing genuinely is the habit you have to practice!

Helping others is a virtue

Not every success, money, and materialistic thing can buy you happiness! Helping others can make you feel genuinely content in a way that your own achievements never can.

Outdoors is salvation!

Spending at least an hour or so in a bright and positive outdoor can boost your confidence levels and helps you introspect over your day. It helps us feel good about ourselves and lets us appreciate nature and surroundings as well!

Happy thoughts

The very first step in finding your happiness is to acknowledge what you actually think about happiness. Your way of perception about being happy will give you the solution of staying happy all the time.

“Happiness isn’t an objective that you can basically reach and be finished with. It is a steady interest that requires persistent nurturing and care”

Make a note of things which you think gives you a lot of pleasures, and make a habit of doing those things. In that way, you aren’t dependent on anyone for your happiness and feel absolutely confident even when you are alone. Being alone and lonely are two very different things, and being happy about yourself sue wards of the feeling of loneliness.

Everything You Do…Counts!

In the pursuit of happiness, there will always be a plethora of hardships, inconvenience, and even disturbance with relationship equations in your lives. But emerging out of the place where you feel happiness as a gift from others and reaching to a point where you find happiness within you – it is the journey we always aim for!

Be gentle with yourself. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have committed, don’t be preoccupied with the image you have in front of others because discovering your true self is the real way to achieve happiness – always!


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